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Collaboration will simplify finding and specifying building products
that contribute to greener and healthier buildings

Boston, Nov. 8, 2017 – Avitru and Sustainable Minds® today announced at the Greenbuild Expo (booths #2019 and #1742) a new partnership that will enable the sharing of environmental product transparency data so architects, engineers, and contractors (AECs) can access in one place the information they need to construct greener and healthier buildings.

Avitru, formerly known as ARCOM, is the developer of MasterSpec®, the most trusted and comprehensive master guide specification system in the industry. Through this collaborative partnership the robust Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog™, which delivers simple, understandable, and meaningful product transparency content, will be accessible through MasterSpec.

Founded in 2007, Sustainable Minds has been a leader and innovator of cloud software for manufacturers by providing tools to help design and market greener building products. Today they are the leading B2B cloud provider of environmental product transparency applications and content for building product manufacturers and AECs.

“Avitru seeks to be the industry’s most trusted and collaborative source of a broad range of content to arm architects and engineers with the information they need to construct better buildings,” explained Jim Contardi, Chief Executive Officer at Avitru. “Partnering with Sustainable Minds, the industry leader in life cycle assessment applications and content, and offering their Transparency Catalog within MasterSpec will have a tremendous impact on how sustainable building decisions are made.”


Making product transparency mainstream

“Transparency is the new green,” said Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds Founder & Chief Executive Officer. “Single attribute certifications have told us what’s important about products in each category, but they tell only a slice of the story. Disclosing a product’s entire life cycle impacts and material ingredients tell a comprehensive story. Manufacturers who have stepped up to do both are largely the ones learning from the disclosure results and then doing real things to improve. They need to be rewarded so that they keep doing more.”

According to Architectural Record’s Top 300 list, 64 percent of the top 100 architecture firms are MasterSpec customers, representing a significant influence on construction spend. Many of these firms have made a commitment to developing and practicing sustainable design, and Avitru and Sustainable Minds are committed to delivering solutions to connect architects and engineers with manufacturers making greener and healthier products. 

“Constructing a world where better building leads to better lives is a vision we share with Sustainable Minds,” explained Contardi. “Through this partnership, we will have a real and tangible impact on that shared goal. We look forward to working closely with them to serve our industry.”


Better building leads to better lives

“We are extremely excited to partner with Avitru and make it easy for all AECs to reward these brands by selecting and specifying their products with transparency information,” continued Swack. “Making Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog content available through Avitru’s solutions will, without a doubt, accelerate and help realize the industry’s collective goals.”

Beginning January 2018, manufacturers in the Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog and their products with transparency disclosures, environmental product declarations, and material ingredient disclosures, will be accessible via selected Product MasterSpec specifications. Product MasterSpec will also be enhanced to include content specifically for manufacturers to stipulate how their products with transparency information get specified.

During 2018, the two companies will collaborate on a solution to allow architects and engineers to access the Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog from within MasterSpec. Ultimately, the cloud-based platforms of Avitru and Sustainable Minds will work together to provide impartial and complete sustainability data.



From conception to construction, AVITRU empowers architects, engineers, contractors and owners to make better, faster decisions. As the developer of MasterSpec®, the most trusted and comprehensive master guide specification system in the industry, Avitru has leveraged its position in the market to launch a cloud-based platform that enables the collaborative exchange of expert knowledge to design, build, and operate a better built environment. With some of the most highly regarded experts in the industry, the Avitru team is committed to construct a world where better building leads to better lives.

Previously known as ARCOM LLC, Avitru LLC is a portfolio company of Alpine Investors and a strategic partner of the American Institute of Architects.

Follow the company @avitrusoftware and learn more at avitru.com

Sustainable Minds environmental product transparency cloud-based applications, data and services help product manufacturers design and market greener products. Launched in 2009, SM Eco-concept & LCA software was the first streamlined LCA tool for industry and education, now used in more than 90 countries worldwide. In 2013, the company introduced its award-winning SM Transparency Report™, an innovation in ISO 14025 Type III environmental declarations (EPDs) and became a program operator expressly to develop standardized environmental reporting guidance and tools that make product transparency easier, understandable and more effective.

Sustainable Minds is dedicated to operationalizing environmental performance in mainstream product development and manufacturing in an understandable, empowering, and credible way. Its easy-to-use standardized solutions make it possible for manufacturers large and small to drive revenue and growth through greener product innovation.

Follow the company @sustainablemnds and learn more at sustainableminds.com, transparencycatalog.com and programoperators.org


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