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Have you ever wondered how Avitru’s specification writers consistently deliver the industry’s most trusted spec content? Jonathan Miller, AIA, FCSI, CCS, CCCA and SCIP, recently detailed the multi-phased process by which Avitru writers develop for Product MasterSpec.

For the last 10 years, Product MasterSpec has been an Avitru product that collaboratively takes a copyrighted base AIA MasterSpec section and pre-edits it to specific manufacturers and their products as the Basis of Design quality standard. The key benefit to using a Product MasterSpec, is it saves significant staff editing time and can be based on a firm favorite manufacturer’s product(s).

Being efficient with staff time has a direct impact on every A/E’s profit when developing Project bid/procurement and contract documents. Eighty hours or more is typically budgeted for creating a Project Manual and needs skilled professional staff time to properly write and edit the specification sections applicable to a Project.

The Product MasterSpec program begins with one or more of Avitru’s professional specifier(s) working collaboratively with a manufacturer. The manufacturer is asked to incorporate specific company and product information in the section(s) with the professional specifier reviewing the proposed edits to ensure standards, guidelines, and formatting are followed. A series of drafts are submitted, reviewed, returned, and resubmitted until both parties are satisfied and ready to post final documents.

When an approval to post is received, the Product MasterSpec Administrator sends the prepared files to Avitru’s Editorial Department for a second review for grammar, punctuation, and adherence to MasterSpec Writing Guidelines. Editorial’s review comments are then incorporated as applicable in the master track-changes file, and a separate clean file is created with all track-changes accepted.

Both files are then uploaded to Avitru’s SpecAgent database and made live in www.ProductMasterSpec.com and www.Specifications.org. Both files are also e-mailed to the client with the clean file available to post to their website and otherwise freely distribute. The track-changes file to the AIA copyrighted document is kept for records and to use for future updates or revision changes.

There are instances when no relevant base AIA MasterSpec is available for a manufacturer’s product. We then create a Proprietary Product MasterSpec tailored to the manufacturer’s product either from scratch or from a closely related base AIA MasterSpec section. Avitru considers previously written Product MasterSpecs when prioritizing the creation of new base MasterSpec sections.

To save on budgeted staff time for editing specifications, always use a Product MasterSpec when it fits with your Project.


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