By Joseph Berchenko AIA, CSI, CCS

AIA MasterSpec is the pre-eminent specification resource for the design community in the construction industry. Adopting industry standards to be compatible with other industry assets is an important obligation that the MasterSpec team embraces. Each year Avitru’s MasterSpec team joins other stakeholders in the industry-wide MasterFormat Maintanance Task Team (MFMTT) to update MasterFormat based on construction industry needs. MasterFormat provides a master list of numbers and titles identifying work results and construction practices. Creating this framework provides a consistent method of organization for project manuals and filing systems used across the industry.

Today, like MasterSpec, MasterFormat is by far the most widely used system for organizing construction information. Its hierarchical system for arranging construction information into Procurement and Contracting Requirements, and technical Division of activities and work practices, has been applied in every type of information resource used in design and construction.

In addition to assisting the committee in reviewing proposed changes submitted by the public through the website, Avitru MasterSpec team brings leadership through suggestions for new numbers and titles based on a roadmap of new sections being created in MasterSpec.

MasterSpec supports and adheres to the principles of MasterFormat. MasterSpec titles are adjusted to accommodate changes made by MFMTT and published every two years. We look forward to contributing to MasterFormat as an industry resource and standard.


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