Water-Resistive and Air Barrier Glass-Mat Gypsum Sheathing Added to Existing MasterSpec Section 061600 - Avitru

Avitru, the developer of AIA MasterSpec, is continually improving its specification library, the most widely used specification content in North America. Not only are new sections added regularly, but new product types are added within existing sections as innovations continue to enter the marketplace and improve building quality.

Unique to MasterSpec, all section additions are peer reviewed by unbiased building design experts, the MasterSpec Architectural Review Committee (MARC) and MasterSpec Engineering Review Committee (MERC). Product types within existing sections pass a rigorous set of internal approval standards as part of our commitment to quality content and are added to MasterSpec on an ongoing basis.

Recently, the product type Water-Resistive and Air Barrier (WRB-AB) Glass-Mat Gypsum Sheathing was added* to the existing MasterSpec Sheathing section 061600. Georgia-Pacific DensElement Barrier System is included within the list of manufacturers.

According to the ABAA1, a properly installed water resistive barrier improves the moisture efficiency and performance of a building’s wall system by providing a secondary moisture drainage plane. To ensure this, the barrier should be part of an overall system including flashing over doors and windows, continuity of seams, and sealing around penetrations

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*These specifications were previously found in a Product MasterSpec section 061656 until accepted by MasterSpec review committee.


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