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Avitru recently announced new partnerships with AIAS, Newforma, UL, and BIMsmith, adding 1 more Alliance Partner and 3 more Technology Partners to our list. What does this mean for our customers?

As I explained in my previous blog post here, Avitru does not partner with just anyone. A potential partner needs to provide a tangible benefit for the Avitru customer, and when partnering with a technology partner, we look for multiple attributes:

  • Is there a logical connection between Avitru capability and the partner capability in the eyes of our customers and users?
  • If content is involved, is it trusted, current, and comprehensive?
  • Will integrate between the Avitru platform and the partner solution streamline the workflow of our customers or otherwise add value to their work?

Our three new partners are exceptional in meeting this criteria, nicely rounding out our existing partnerships, a complete listing of which can be found here.

BIMsmith is an expert in the BIM space and was founded by two architects who had innovative ideas about how to do BIM better. They’ve been involved in BIM content development and consulting since 2014 and have two great BIM products: Market and Forge. Both products build on their concept of high-quality and lightweight BIM content that can be easily manipulated by the A/E – a concept that marries perfectly with MasterSpec. BIMsmith Market is a marketplace for manufacturer centric BIM content, and we are looking forward to providing manufacturers with synergistic specification and BIM content, and translating that knowledge into intelligence that we can use to better serve our A/E customers. Forge is a very innovative tool that utilizes individual BIM components to create user-defined assemblies in the cloud.

Newforma is a solution developed specifically for A/Es to assist in Product Information Management (PIM), or, to be more descriptive, to centralize and organize project data. One of the foundations of Newforma is the submittal tracking feature. Knowing what submittals need to be reviewed, tracking each individual submittal, and the status of all of the submittals is something that makes the A/Es job much easier. What if we could make that even easier – for instance, what if submittal information was able to be sent from MasterSpec directly into Newforma’s Project Center, automatically generating a submittal log? That’s the first step in our integration with Newforma. We’ll be looking for early adopters who are interested in trying this out this functionality while it’s in beta testing. If you’re interested, email me at mheinsdorf@avitru.com.

UL is one of the best-known names in the product safety testing, but they also do sustainability testing, and – through UL SPOT – are a primary source of sustainable documentation for products that they have certified. As a trusted source of information for the AECO industry, it made sense to team up with UL to access product sustainability data from UL SPOT directly through MasterSpec within our SpecBuilderCloud platform. This functionality will work initially for selected MasterSpec sections, but as we refine the connection to UL SPOT, users should anticipate this integration being supported in all relevant MasterSpec sections.


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