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Specifications Software

Complete projects faster and unleash the design potential of your firm

Why Buy Specifications Software?

Whether you’re a large global firm, a small practice, or an independent practitioner, we understand that making the most of your time is key to your success – so productivity is at the core of our software solutions. Our solutions help you accelerate your projects by enabling collaboration both within and outside of your firm, creating a gateway to third party content and automatically incorporating the latest reference material.

Spec Editors

Create, edit, update, and collaborate with spec software that fits your needs

Deployment options for in-cloud or on-premise

Edit your way with additive, subtractive, or Q&A options

Collaborate with colleagues and partners in real time

Save time by uploading and starting with your existing specs

Report on submittals, and product and material selections

Provide instant feedback and suggestions to content authors

Office Master Automation

Avoid errors, rework, and risk – keep references, standards, and building products current

Maintain single source of content across multiple offices

Capture and retain lessons learned in the field and track proposed changes

Compare and update with current MasterSpec content

Manage regional and building-type differences across similar projects

Recommend Basis of Design products to your design team

Incorporate local code and other location-specific requirements

BIM Integration

Improve efficiency – synchronize project specifications with BIM

Integrate and synchronize BIM with specs; view specs directly in Revit®

Utilize MasterSpec, SpecText, VA, UFGS, or your office master

See the entire project manual, notes, and files in Revit®

Ensure accuracy between the model and your specs with validation reports

Account for all Revit® elements that resulted in project spec sections

Review section integration and editing history

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