Office Master Automation helps you customize MasterSpec® documents to suit your firm’s preferences, as well as integrate custom Office Master sections.

If you’re managing multiple masters, allow us to integrate them using our AutoTagging feature that combines custom office masters in a fraction of the time and cost of manual integration. Our automated software determines what language to keep or filter out, reducing your maintenance efforts. Avitru’s AutoTagging feature integrates custom office masters in a fraction of the time and cost manual integration requires. Create custom checklists and intelligent paragraph rules while automating the generation of the Executive Summary and Keynote Reports.

Complete Project Specs Faster

Few firms have the time or resources to develop and maintain Office Masters, and editing specs is an equally arduous process.

Four Ways Our Office Master Automation Software Increases Efficiency


Easy-to-use checklist technology helps you edit your specs


Minimizes spec writing time, allowing focus on design


Reduces errors and omissions through standardized editing procedures


Maintains your Office Masters so you don’t have to