Writing projects is hard work – make it easy with our Spec Editor software.

Whether you are an architect, engineer, specialized designer, or specifier, we have a solution to fit your needs. For dedicated specifiers and large-firm users, our e-SPECS editor utilizes checklist technology to quickly filter large sections and allow users to generate project-specific keynotes to ensure accuracy. Alternatively, our SpecBuilder Cloud editor guides you through the process of creating a specification, with the ease of operating in the cloud.

Comparison Chart

Product Overview
SpecBuilder Cloud (SaaS)
Primary Use
Creating, editing, and collaborating platform for specs
Spec automation with the option to integrate BIM models and office masters
IT Support
None required
Required (database)
Create and Import Three-Part Specs
Access to BPM Content
Track Comments from Designated Reviewers
Guided Editing of Specs
Update Office Master with Latest Content
Compare Multiple Documents in Same Window
Real-Time Internal and External Collboration
Drag & Drop Editing
Work with UFGS and VA Masters
BIM Integration
Coming Soon
Office Master Customization
Coming Soon
Single Sign-On and User Administration
Coming Soon

Complete Project Specs Faster

Create, edit, update, and collaborate on project specs with spec software that fits your needs

Four ways our software makes you more efficient


Consume it your way:
on-premise or in-cloud


Edit it your way:
additive or subtractive


Collaborate with
colleagues and partners


Upload and start with
your existing specs

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