e-Specs Archives - Deltek (formerly Avitru)

How do I get started with e-SPECS?

We offer a great Quick Start guide as well as an extensive User Guide within the e-SPECS software. To learn how to get started using e-SPECS, choose Help > Quick Start Guide.

Does e-SPECS include MasterSpec?

e-SPECS is already integrated with MasterSpec, but your firm will need to purchase a separate MasterSpec subscription or keep current your existing MasterSpec subscription in order to access that content within e-SPECS.

If I open up my Revit model, will that check out a license?

No, this will only allow the e-SPECS for Revit plugin to communicate with the e-SPECS for Revit software. The e-SPECS for Revit plugin console is a per-PC install and is independent of the e-SPECS for Revit client application.